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w/Michelle Branch and The Calling
Bogarts Cincinatti Ohio Saturday Oct. 13, 2001

Well..first of all I left Attica at about 10 after doesn't take THAT long to get to Terre Haute..but you know me..I got lost!! So I got there an hour or so it was raining really really hard..and in my little camaro convertible..that can be kind of I drove pretty that added on more time. But I finally made it to Paul's dorm..and we left. We had to stop a few places first and then we were on our way to see Lifehouse..getting to Cincinnati really wasn't too bad..except for when we accidentally crossed the wrong bridge and ended up in Kentucky! We were kinda freaking out there..but I guess it happens all the time according to some people we met at the show. So we found this little place called Bogarts and decided to walk around and be stalkers for awhile (at least that's what I felt like!) But we went and stood by the tour buses..and we saw a few guys from The Calling and talked to these girls who said that Lifehouse had already came out..but that they would be back a little later. Then about ten min.. later, we see Jason and another guy walk out of the backstage door and head off to get something to eat after doing sound check. It was cool to just stand around this club, which was in this cool part of town, and see the guys in the band just walk around..its like..we were standing in front of this guitar shop..and half of the guys from the Calling were in there looking at guitars. I saw Sean walking around more than anyone, talking on his cell phone..but what was hilarious..was when some guy trying to sell tickets (you know these people, probably scalpers) they are at every show..they walk up to everyone and ask them if they need tickets) well this dude yells to Sean (the guitarist from The Calling) "You need a ticket son"? ..and all the fans are cracking up..Sean just looked back at him and smiled. He is such a cutie..I hear he is dating Michelle branch too, and that is just adorable. Well..Paul stopped Lifehouse's touring guitarist and talked to him for awhile..he was really nice..all of those guys are so friendly and down to Earth..never have I met a band who were so cool. Well after we got some food..and we had probably been sitting in line for over an hour and a half..this radio station dude came up to this girl sitting next to us, and said, "hey, you have a Lifehouse T-shirt on, come with me", so Paul, not about to miss his chance to possibly meet Lifehouse..yells out, "hey dude!, I have a Lifehouse T-shirt on too!" so they guy is like. "all right, come with me", and lucky me ..I got to go too. So they take us over give us some stickers and take us up to the bar, where we find out we get to go to the meet and greet. They gave us posters to get signed, and told us the band would be up there in a few minutes. Everyone was really excited. When the band came up  Paul went up and talked to all the guys and we got our posters signed. I'm kinda shy..but Paul was just all having a conversation with Rick about the new songs, and where to find them on the internet and stuff.  But Rick and Sergio were really, really nice. Rick was really funny too. to Jason. I'm not going to go on about how beautiful the guy is..we all know that. But let me tell you..he is a total sweetheart and I just about melted when he put his arm around me when I got my picture taken with him. I'm so serious. Girls, Jason = Perfection. I kid you not. But anyway..we was really really sweet...and he has the prettiest eyes too...omg. I'm going to shut up because I feel like one of those teenybobber BSB freaks..eww.OK..back to the music. Well after the meet and greet. We had to wait a little bit..and then when they told us it was ok..we all hauled ass down a few flights of stairs and ran down and got our front row spots. I just love being against those barricades. Front row is better than anything. So after we waited for about an hour or so..Michelle came on with her band..she is so cute. She had on this red overcoat thing, with jeans and a black t-shirt. And she is really really pretty. She did 5 songs. Including "Everywhere" and my favorite, and hers, and Pauls "All You Wanted" and a few others. She was really nice and talked to the audience quite a bit. Her band was great too, the back up vocals really sounded good. Then the Calling came on, I had heard of these guys before, and heard the single from Coyote Ugly "Wherever You Will Go", but not much else. But I was really impressed. I am going to buy their CD actually I really, really liked them. Sean had some awesome guitars well as Alex..who said happy birthday to his girlfriend in the audience. I saw those two walking around earlier. They have just about the same haircut and they are so damn cute. There is a lot of love on this tour apparently. Everyone is dating everyone. And then we can't forget about Jason's wife Braden..who is sooo pretty. I swear she has to be the luckiest woman on Earth..ok..I'm gonna shut up about Jason...yeah. Well Lifehouse was awesome. The Intro they did to Hanging by a Moment was really really cool. I would love to see them do some more rock stuff like that. "Quasimodo" was really good as well as "Everything"..and they ever did a little acoustic set in the middle of the concert which was really cool. They played for a pretty long time and they even came back out and played I think a 3 song encore. Yeah, I'd say they are pretty good to their fans. And everyone in the whole crowd knew every word to every song. They do have some really cool fans. Needless to say I had a lot of fun and I can't wait until we get to see them again!!!