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Tori Amos / Bjork/  Pj Harvey / Smashing Pumpkins /My guitar/Gucci Rush/Computers/Red Nail Polish/Platnium Blonde Hair/Gwen Stefani/Dave Navarro/My Car ( Lucy Lui)/Empire Records/Jay and Silent Bob/Fiona Apple/Zebra Print/Disco Balls/Girl Bass Players/Cookie Dough/School Delays/ and Noble/tanning (yeah.i know im gonna get Cancer thank you)/Kurt Cobain/ Courtney Love/ The old Veruca Salt/Tequila/Malibu Rum/Chi Tea/ Wicca/ faux fur/ shopping/ Make up/ coffee/ Butter Pecan Ice Cream/Faeries/Brandon Boyd!!/ Eggnog Milkshakes from McDonalds

Being sick/getting up in the mornings/ignorant people/mean people/annoying people/selfish people/boy bands/Jessica Simpson/TRL/ Doing the dishes/People with attitude problems/Stupid girls/spiders/slow drivers/country music/people who are mean to animals/racism/sexism/homophobia/most nu-metal/Creed/people preaching at me/mean old people/limp bizket/cheap keychains that break/sore throats/trendies/worrying/Five String Basses/Right Wing People/