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I added two of *my* banners to the links page. I somehow deleted all of the rest of my if anyone wants to make me some more..I'd love it. I need some Gwen Stefani banners to go with this layout.


I haven't touched this thing for awhile due to my computer being a complete pain in the ass. Does anyone know what it means when you have to do ctrl+alt+delete every 5 seconds because Wscript thinks it has to pop up like 500 times and slow down your computer? I'm ready to throw it out the window. Well I hope you enjoy version rock steady. Too bad I don't have some kind of imaging program or I would make this thing look cool. Really. And if anyone is wondering about the Tori Amos stuff I promised..well uh..thats my fault. I saw the woman in Circle Center mall walking with her bodyguard. She walked right past us..I almost had a heart attack..Paul and I followed her for awhile..and I was too scared to go talk to her. Yes I know it was the biggest mistake I will ever make in my whole life it. but it was a beautiful show to saw the least. Best Tori concert I have ever seen..she did "cooling" ..and "cool on your island" and "River" a Joni Mitchell cover..I started really crying when she played "Frog on My Toe" was so cute. Well thats all so far..I may do some more updating..but I'm pretty lazy and I have an English Paper to write today :( :(


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